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1Chief Editor (2002-2012), currently member editorial board
Linguistica Antverpiensia New Series - Themes in Translation Studies.
 Editorial Statement:
 Linguistica Antverpiensia, New Series - Themes in Translation Studies (LANS - TTS) is the journal of the Department of Translators and Interpreters, Artesis University College Antwerp. It is a peer-reviewed, annual publication devoted to the study of language, translation and culture, with a special focus on translation in its many oral and written manifestations. The journal is not bound to any particular school of thought or academic group.
Translation is understood to be a dynamic concept, a form of intercultural communication which has strong roots in cognitive and linguistic processes, but also in the society and culture that produce it. Indeed, it is conceived as an integral part of the production and reproduction of culture in the broadest sense. Each issue of Linguistica Antverpiensia, New Series - Themes in Translation Studies centres on a different theme, in order to reflect the diversity of what is considered to be translation, and to offer an open forum for a wide range of scholarly approaches of a theoretical, methodological or descriptive nature, while providing them with a unifying focal point.
 Issues published as chief editor:
  • LA – NS 10/2011
    Translation as a Social Activity.
    Community Translation 2.0
    Minako O’Hagan (ed.)
  • LA - NS 9/2010
    Translating Irony
    Katrien Lievois & Pierre Schoentjes (eds.)
  • LA - NS 8 /2009
    Evaluation of Translation Technology
    Walter Daelemans & Veronique Hoste (eds.)
  • LA - NS 7 / 2008
    Looking for meaning: Methodological issues in translation studies
    Sonia Vandepitte (ed.)
  • LA - NS 6 / 2007
    A tool for social integration? Audiovisual translation from different angles
    Aline Remael & Josélia Neves (eds.)
  • LA - NS 5 / 2006
    Taking stock: research and methodology in Community Interpreting
    Erik Hertog & Bart van der Veer (eds.)
  • LA - NS 4 / 2005
    Fictional representations of multilingualism and translation
    Dirk Delabastita & Rainier Grutman (eds.)
  • LA - NS 3 / 2004
    The translation of domain-specific languages and multilingual terminology management
    Rita Temmerman & Uus Knops (eds.)
  • LA - NS 2 / 2003
    Translation as creation: the postcolonial influence
    Aline Remael & Ilse Logie (eds.)
  • LA - NS 1 / 2002
    Linguistics and Translation Studies - Translation Studies and Linguistics
    Leona Van Vaerenbergh (ed.)
2Member Editorial Board
New Trends in Translation Studies, Peter Lang

3Member Advisory Board
The Translator. Studies in Intercultural Communication, St Jerome
Perspectives. Studies in Translatology
Translation and Interpreting