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Submitted PhDs

Gert Vercauteren
A narratological approach to content selection in audio description. Part-time doctoral project at University of Antwerp.
With: Tom Paulus (UAntwerp).
Doctorate in Translation Studies, University of Antwerp, Faculty of Letters, 18 March, 2016

Isabelle Robert
Impact of translation revision procedure on revision product and process
With: Louise Brunette (Université du Québec en Outaouais), Luuk Van Waes (University of Antwerp)
Doctorate in Translation Studies, University of Antwerp, Faculty of Letters, 14 May 2012.

Sabien Hanoulle
Translating Documentaries. Does the integration of a bilingual glossary of domain-specific terminology into the translation process reduce the translators work load?
With: Veronique Hoste (UGent).
Joint doctoral degree in TS conferred by the University of Ghent and University of Antwerp, 5 July 2017.

Nina Reviers
Audiodescriptie in het Nederlands: Een corpusgebaseerde studie van het taalgebruik in een nieuw, multimodaal teksttype. [Audio-description in Dutch. A corpus-based study of language usage in a new, multimodal tekst type].
With: Reinhild Vandekerckhove (UAntwerp).
Doctorate in TS conferred by the University of Antwerp, 5 February 2018.

Current PHD Projects


Esther De Boe
(Video)Remote Interpreting in de gezondheidszorg. Een vergelijkend onderzoek naar de invloed van het gebruik van telefoon en videolink op de kwaliteit van het tolken. [(Video-link) Remote Interpreting in the Health Sector. A comparative study into the influence of phone and video link on interpreting quality]. Part-time research project at UAntwerp. Viva: 8 May 2020.
With: Sabine Braun (University of Surrey) and Jimmy Ureel (UAntwerp).

Hanne Roofthooft
A stage for the world: toward an inclusive theatre experience. PhD project funded by the University of Antwerp, started August 2017.
With: Luc Van den Dries and Kurt Van Houtte (Theatre Studies, UAntwerp)

PhD Committees

October 2018
‘Efficient note-taking in consecutive interpreting. Qualitative notes as a polymorph tool.’
Hanne Cardoen, University of Mons, 23 October 2018.
Supervisor: Gudrun Vanderbauwhede

June 2018
‘Balancing between language policy and language reality. A corpus-based multi-variate study on linguistic norm-adherence in Belgian-Dutch subtitling.’
Lynne Prieels, University of Ghent, 22 June 2018.
Supervisor: Gert De Sutter

December 2017
‘Exploring the process of note-taking and consecutive interpreting: A pen-eye-voice approach to cognitive load.’
Sijia Chen, Macquarie University, Sydney, December 2017 (Mail evaluation).
Supervisor: Jan-Louis Kruger

Reglindis De Ridder
‘Arme, rijke taal’ Audiovisual Translation and Minority Language Planning in a Pluricentric Language Area. A case study of Flemish Public Broadcasting, University of Dublin, 30 October 2014
Supervisor: Eithne O'Connell

Iris Schrijver
The Translator as a text producer. The effects of writing training on transediting and translation performance, University of Antwerp, 8 October 2014
Supervisors: Leona Van Vaerenbergh and Luuk Van Waes

Soledad Zarate
Subtitling for deaf children: granting accessibility to audiovisual programmes in an educational way, University College London, 5 September 2014.
Supervisor: Jorge Daz Cintas

Manuela Caniato Ondertiteling van Italiaanse films in het Nederlands (2000-2006)[Subtitling of Italian films in Dutch (2000-2006), University of Ghent, 25 June 2014.
Supervisors: Claudia Crocco and Stefania Marzo

Szu-Yu Kuo
Quality in Subtitling. Theory and Professional Reality, Imperial College London, 31 January 2014.
Supervisor: Jorge Daz Cintas

Tiina Tuominen
The Act of Accidental Reading and Incidental Listening. An Empirical Study on the Viewing of Subtitled Films, University of Tampere, Finland. 12 January 2013
Supervisor: Riitta Oittinen

George Damaskinidis
Translation-Oriented Image Analysis: a Multimodal Semiotics Approach to Translation Training and Practice, Open University, Milton Keynes. 28 February 2013.
Supervisor: Colin Gardner

Sara Verbeeck
Exotisme de la porte d ct. Culturele bemiddeling in de Franse vertalingen van Louis Paul Boon [Exotisme de la porte d ct. Cultural mediation in the French translations of Louis Paul Boon], University of Antwerp, 10 December 2013.
Supervisors: Kris Peeters and Kris Humbeeck

Louisa Desilla Towards a Methodology for the Study of Implicatures in Subtitled Films: Multimodal Construal and Reception of Pragmatic Meaning Across Cultures
Supervisor: Luis-Pérez Gonzales, University of Manchester, May 2009.

Karin De Coster
Zonder beeld, met titel. Over taal en ervaring van blinde bezoekers in kunstmusea [Without image, with title. About language and experience of blind visitors to art museums]
Supervisor: W. Elias, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, April 2007.

Kajingulu Somwe Mubenga
Film discourse and pragmatics in screen translation: A contrastive analysisn of speech acts in French and English
Supervisor: Elizabeth A. Meintjes, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2008.

Marcella De Marco
Gender stereotypes and dubbing: Similarities and Differences in the transaltion of Hollywood and British films
Supervisors: Francesca Bartrina (Iniversity of Vic) & Jorge Díaz Cintas (Imperial College London), University of Vic, October 2007.